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fresh vs. supermaket... written by mbjb, December 31, 2009 I completely agree that the difference is so remarkable they should even be named the same thing smilies/wink.gif Back in my home town (south of Brazil, huge Italian community) there are artisan fresh pasta shops everywhere. I so dearly miss that as my "everyday" pasta. It is also very frustrating to me when I am served 'box' pasta at a restaurant... Very sad that we are all so used to the commodity/cheap pasta that most people find that acceptable. Can't wait to find and try your products! Would absolutely love if you also offered lasagna sheets. Wishing you and your company the best!

Thanks for your good words, Yes we do lots of lasagna sheets, you can get it through my web site, the shipping is very reasonable. If you are in Florida you can buy our Fresh Pasta in most Whole Foods Markets, please check the list at

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