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The restaurant business is just that, a business. Most people in the restaurant business are in it for the money. 

Unfortunately for all of us Fresh Pasta is not a part of this culture the way it is in most parts of Italy. It is true America has many Italians living here for many generations. These people have a wonderful culture and very good eating habits, which have become very popular recently.They have been proven to be the healthiest, very similar to Greek and northern Africa diets, and also very different to the Italian states from Rome and further north. This is where pasta is well appreciated fresh, when the pizza wears a thin crust, where the sauces have a creamy flavor instead a red tomato color.

Why don't restaurants in America use Fresh Pasta?

This answer is a complicated one. Every Chef has a different story, but the truth is most people don't know the enormous difference between fresh and dry pasta. When customers give their choices to the waiter, they don't ask if the pasta is fresh or not.

Most restaurants listen to customers and what they like; we live in a culture with constant evolution. Within a few years Fresh Pasta will be a common part of everyone's lives. Fresh Pasta being served at the best and most expensive restaurants will no longer be the complete truth, everyone will be able to buy fresh pasta.

Another important factor is that they don't know how fresh pasta works in their kitchens. Not only that, but they are also very afraid to learn how to cook fresh pasta. Of course it needs adjustustments when cooking it on the line but in the end its nothing crazy. In other hands, cooking fresh pasta by the order is easier and more cost efficient even in rush hours.

I don't like to go into detail about how most restaurants “cook the pasta” but I will never eat pasta in a restaurant where the pasta is not fresh; meaning made by the same place or by a local business. The most important part is to be sure that the pasta will be cooked by the order and is not precooked.

Most food restaurant suppliers sell their version of Fresh Pasta. It has very poor quality and is loaded with a long list of ingredients, not to mention the ravioli with mystery fillings and unknown flavors. This is not exactly a good concept when it comes to food. We all know that local home-made food is superior than food that has traveled thousands of miles. 

A very simple key question can make a difference when eating out:

Is the pasta in the menu “Fresh Pasta”?

Is the “Fresh Pasta” cooked by the order?

Is the "Fresh Pasta" made in the house or from a local manufacturer?

Would You consider adding Fresh Pasta, cooked by the order in your menu? If so, I'm willing pay the extra dollar and wait a bit longer if necessary.

If they don't know where to buy it you may have a few ideas to share with them.

So, why are most restaurants here still not using a good Fresh Pasta?



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