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Our Ravioli vegetable ravioli filling

Ready to bake vegetables, we use it to make Peperonata Fresh Ravioli with vegetables,, delicious

Empanadas History and National variants

Very good information about Empanadas


Empanadas Sarasota

This is how our customers find the different fillings when they buy empanadas at our store.
4141 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34231

10 Things we love about Italy

10 Things we love about Italians, very good video


Pasta Al Forno

Pasta al forno (Italian baked Zitti) with Peperonata Fresh Pasta and Home Made Salsa Bianca (bechamell cauce), served with the house Marina or Bolognese sauce. Ready to eat in Peperonata Pasta for lunch from 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday or ready to heat from 11am to 7pm

Thank You Su Byron for your words in today issue Style Magazine, Herald Tribune Sarasota

Pasta Machine antique

An antique pasta machine.

This is a primitive dough press machine from the year 1850 with brass die, this have the same principal of today pasta machine

An antique pasta machine.


Two different Spaghetti pasta cutter, old school


Earth Mix Fresh Pasta

Earth Mix vegan Fresh Pasta at Peperonata Pasta, 


the veggies are: Broccoli, carrots, celery, kale, beet and eggplant, mellow flavor, lots of good properties from the veggies and the Fresh Semolina and the great taste of fresh Pasta 

Nothing like fresh pasta


Peperonata Pasta and Empanadas NEW RETAIL STORE is now open!

Open Since Monday Feb 10 at 11:00am. 

Visit our new retail store at 4141 S. Tamiami Trail #13, Sarasota, FL 34231


Now Open Peperonata Pasta and Empanadas retail location at 4141 S Tamiami Trail, "Chili's Plaza", next door to Trader Joe's and Sprint.

How to cook Fresh Pasta

First boil the water then untangle the fresh pasta right from your fridge, boil, one the water re boil cook for the amount of minutes indicated in the label.

The Ravioli cook right from the freezer to the boiling water




Demo at Whole Foods Market Sarasota

We done a Demo at Whole Foods Market Sarasota last Saturday, lots of  new customers 

Thank's Paula

Amori Fresh Pasta


There is nothing most yummy than fresh Pasta


Amori is a very elegant shape, we are doing this shape for many years, it is a total success since the first day we cut our first batch, our regular customers buy it many times because the great meal they accomplish with it.

Kids love short pasta because it is easy for them to grab, it is fun and the cork screw like shape in the Amori Fresh Pasta is very attractive too.

Preparing Amori Fresh Pasta with a sauce this shape allows the sauce to get inside of the shape, making a very savory bite.

You can make great pasta salads. This particular picture of the Amori Fresh Pasta in three color has roasted sweet red pepper, garlic and fresh parsley that has very attractive color too and it is very inviting to the eye plus the smell makes an extraordinary choice.

At home we use it a lot, once it is cooked we add it to a stew right before we serve to keep the pasta “al dente”.When we cook it we take it before is totally “al dente” so we can add it to meals. If we are serving it as a main course we cook it all the way to “al dente”.

Usually, we cut this Fresh Pasta Amori shape plain, with basil and garlic, sun dried tomato and garlic, sweet roasted red pepper garlic, parsley and garlic, lemon pepper and lemon parsley. All of those are the most common flavors we like to use for this shape.


Canestri Fresh Pasta with Basil , garlic and sun dried tomato

Today we cut CANESTRI Fresh Pasta with fresh basil, garlic and sun dried tomato, very Italian, full of flavor , very aromatic too, this particular shape called CANESTRI resemble a little basket, similar to a shell pasta but a lit of bit deeper shape. Ideal for a short pasta meal with just butter and Parmesan cheese, with the beautiful colors in the mix also is a very good idea for a incredible Pasta Salad, personaly I love to use CANESTRI Fresh Pasta mix in a quick soup I just cook the CANESTRI Fresh Pasta in an already boiling organic vegetable broth until pasta rich “dente” an incredible colorful noodle soup with all that fresh basil, garlic and sun dried tomato create a wonderful meal in no time, love to serve it with just grated Parmesan and garnished with fresh parsley.

Fresh Pasta in Sarasota Florida

Lots of new flat Fresh Pasta at Peperonata Pasta Sarasota

New Super Fresh Pasta by Peperonata Pasta

We create  Fresh Pasta with seed and grains in the group of "super food" and no egg, it is incredible how much interest from customers since we start with this new idea and the taste is very good, all Vegan and all Natural



New line of VEGAN Soy flower fresh pasta in Sarasota Florida

We have just launched a new line of vegan fresh pasta. This Soy pasta enriched with flax seed tastes great and we include a wide variety of flavors. Buy vegan enriched fresh pasta in sarasota at the Sarasota Farmers Market every saturday morning.

Fettuccini Soy Flower & Flax Seed 

Rotini Soy Flower & Flax Seed 

To learn more about us click here.

Emapadas to go at Peperonata Pasta


We are located inside of the Chili's Plaza at HWY 41.
4141 S. Tamiami Trail Unit 13
Sarasota FL 34231

Pre-made italian meals to go



We are located inside of the Ashton Business Center.
4463 Ashton Road Unit F
Sarasota Fl 34233

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Fresh Pasta

Buy our Fresh Pasta
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