An unexpected surprise from a person who loves our products Home

Today at the Sarasota Downtown Farmer Market a person give us an unforgiving moment, it happened like this:

We where helping our customers, fortunately very busy Mother's day weekend, when we see a man drawing something on the street in front of our booth. When we took a closer look it said "TRY NONNA'S SAUCE" with an arrow pointing at us, this man then looked at us and said "I LOVE IT".

Nonna's Sauce is made in honor to Marina's Grandmother, who created it and prepared it for Marina's family when she was a very young girl. The memory stayed with her and now is one of our Specialties.

We didn't get a chance to thank this customer for the beautiful drawing/sign. So if you are reading this and want to come and do it again, there will be a Nonna's sauce and some wonderful fresh pasta for you to take home as a token of our appreciation.

Fresh Pasta

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