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Today we cut CANESTRI Fresh Pasta with fresh basil, garlic and sun dried tomato, very Italian, full of flavor , very aromatic too, this particular shape called CANESTRI resemble a little basket, similar to a shell pasta but a lit of bit deeper shape. Ideal for a short pasta meal with just butter and Parmesan cheese, with the beautiful colors in the mix also is a very good idea for a incredible Pasta Salad, personaly I love to use CANESTRI Fresh Pasta mix in a quick soup I just cook the CANESTRI Fresh Pasta in an already boiling organic vegetable broth until pasta rich “dente” an incredible colorful noodle soup with all that fresh basil, garlic and sun dried tomato create a wonderful meal in no time, love to serve it with just grated Parmesan and garnished with fresh parsley.

Fresh Pasta

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